To save lives, improve lives and move our world forward, together

Inspiral Health believes that health and care should be accessible to everyone in need, irrespective of their background or demographics.

 To achieve this, we work with healthcare professionals, institutions and governments across the world sharing knowledge, experience, and changing healthcare systems, as well as responding to natural disasters with teams of volunteers.

Access to healthcare is a basic human right

We have a collective responsibility to help those in need

Nongovernmental organisation with commercial and charitable arms

Partnerships in Low - and Middle - and High-Income Countries

What We Do

What We Do ...

Training Courses

For clinicians and non-clinicians in Low- and Middle- and High-Income Countries, including Fragile States

Capacity Building

Training and Education in LMICs – Fellowship programme

Healthcare and Crisis Consultancy

Advice from experts from a wide variety of disciplines


Support to optimise resources in Crisis Management

Disaster Response

Establishment of international and locally-based Disaster Response teams

Research and Development


Crisis Training and Preparation / Integrated Crisis Management

Training courses in Crisis Response Leadership and Management for clinicians and non-clinicians – knowledge transfer background to crises, response mechanisms, situational awareness, emotional intelligence, team working and leadership, table-top and field exercises

Offered in high income countries – UK, USA, Canada

Offered in low and middle income countries including Fragile States

Corporate Offering

E-learning / Online Courses

Global Health Delivery Programmes


  • Access to high-quality healthcare
  • Strategies for improving the delivery of healthcare in all settings with the emphasis on clinical outcomes
  • Establishment of local partnerships
  • Improving global connectivity – Telemedicine
  • Innovative techniques / tools
  • Data collection
  • Analytics
  • Partnership with healthcare providers to help implement strategic and operational interventions, improving clinical outcomes in low-income countries.
  • Key specialties covered – Paediatrics, Women’s Health and Obstetrics, Emergency Care, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, General Medicine, Surgery, Anaesthesia, Mental Health and Oral Health.

Clinical Leadership Programme

Strengthening of skills in Low- and Middle-Income Countries using the local vision and knowledge to optimise clinical outcomes

International Fellowship Programme


  • Leadership
  • Clinical service delivery
  • Healthcare and hospital systems
  • Public Health
  • IT
  • Governance and finance planning
  • Financial planning
  • Education and training
  • Service development
  • Recruitment of outstanding trainees, clinicians, and leaders of. the future who will partner with and jointly support healthcare delivery with a locally-led approach.

Clinician Training/Development Programme – Nepal/Ghana

Clinicians with forward-thinking/leadership potential will be chosen to complete a 12-18-month enrichment programme in disciplines such as obstetrics, paediatrics, surgery, general medicine, trauma, and anaesthesia

  • 1-2 months in home country performing institutional and regional needs assessments
  • 6-12 months in UK working with top clinicians in their field, building on clinical and leadership skills
  • 4-6 months back in home country with ongoing support to become clinical and programming leaders in their respective disciplines
  • Training facilities in the UK and target countries will provide continuing support and resources to participants

Healthcare and Crisis Consultancy

Global Health systems strengthening, utilising bespoke solutions for crisis and healthcare challenges:

National and regional governments

Regional healthcare systems




Healthcare Delivery, Consultations & Smart Solutions

  • Partnership with local healthcare systems to develop methods of effective, sustainable, and evidence-based health care delivery in such disciplines as pharmaceuticals, maternal newborn care, pre-hospital care, emergency/trauma care, and establishing referral pathways.

  • Institutional assistance and support to develop community leadership and establishment of effective connections and partnerships with local bureaucratic administrators

  • Establishment of a service to support regional and national Governments, District Health Authorities and Hospitals.

Healthcare Advocacy

  • Advocate for better healthcare globally

  • Presentation of real-time effects

  • Promotion of good practice

  • Advocacy for access

Crisis Response and Management

Evidence has shown that the incidences of global crises and disasters are increasing due to climate change and political instability

Dominic Morgan, Director of Operations for Inspiral Health explains what is it like on the ground during a disaster.

With a workforce of clinicians and logistical support staff, we aim to offer the highest level of care possible in a disaster setting.


Field Hospital capacity will enable our medical teams to effectively manage patients affected by sudden onset disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, climate-related extreme weather events and pandemics.

Visit our dedicated Covid-19 website

Created by the Inspiral Health team for fellow healthcare professionals demonstrating best treatment practices during the pandemic.

Why are we doing this?